Event 3: 19th November 2020 – Research into Practice 3

Research into Practice case study 3 – Digital library futures: the impact of e-legal deposit in the academic sector: Dr Paul Gooding (University of Glasgow) with Dr Frankie Wilson (Bodleian Libraries)

The Digital Library Futures Project (2017-2019) investigated the impact of the 2013 Non-Print Legal Deposit (NPLD) Regulations upon users of academic deposit libraries in the United Kingdom. The research team worked in collaboration with two project partners  – Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford, and Cambridge University – to understand how libraries and policymakers balance the conflicting needs of users, publishers, and posterity in relation to legal deposit. Paul Gooding will outline the project findings, focusing on a proposed model for ‘user-centric evaluation’ of NPLD. Frankie Wilson will discuss the implications of this model for the Bodleian Libraries’ ongoing culture of assessment.


Background reading

Digital Library Futures white paper at http://elegaldeposit.org/dlf-white-paper from the project web site http://elegaldeposit.org/home.