Event 3: 19th November 2020 – Research into Practice 4

Research into Practice case study 4 – Syrian new Scots’ information literacy way-finding practices: Dr Konstantina Martzoukou and Professor Simon Burnett (Robert Gordon University)

This presentation will offer an overview of the information needs and experiences of Syrian refugees in Scotland, as derived from the analysis of case study data from the north east of Scotland collected in a project entitled ‘Lost in information: Syrian new Scots’ information literacy way-finding practices’. The aim of this study was to explore the information needs of Syrian refugees, their habitual and adaptive information literacy practices, and the barriers and enablers they encountered within their new socio-cultural setting via their interaction with people, tools and processes. The presentation will also address Scottish public libraries’ vision of supporting vulnerable communities, and helping them to build capacity for refugees contribute actively in their ‘host’ society, enabling information support and activities that create a sense of belonging for all.


Powerpoint with audio Download and open the file, then go to slideshow. The narration should then start automatically. Alternatively, just open the file and click the small loudspeaker icons at the bottom-right of each slide.

Background reading

Book chapter ‘Scottish public libraries welcome Syrian new Scots: a transition from being a refugee to becoming an active part of the community’. Full text freely available from the Robert Gordon University repository at https://rgu-repository.worktribe.com/OutputFile/828764, and also available as hard copy as chapter 10 of Goldstein, S. (Ed.) (2020). Informed societies: why information literacy matters for citizenship, participation and democracy. London: Facet. (See http://www.facetpublishing.co.uk/title.php?id=304226#.X2TXDWhKjcs.)