Event 3: 19th November 2020

There are three sections to this page.

  1. Recorded presentations
  2. ‘Research market’ posters
  3. The Event 3 programme

Recorded presentations

Follow the links below to access presentation abstracts, videos and optional background reading. (RIVAL network members viewed the videos in their own time on the morning of Thursday 19th November 2020 (or sooner) as preparation for the panel and network member news sessions at Event 3.)

  1. Keynote: Public library services and citizenship: a longitudinal analysis of roles, impact, and value: Dr Leo Appleton (University of Sheffield)

  1. RIVAL Research into Practice case study 3Digital library futures: the impact of e-legal deposit in the academic sector: Dr Paul Gooding (University of Glasgow) with Dr Frankie Wilson (Bodleian Libraries)

  1. RIVAL Research into Practice case study 4Syrian new Scots’ information literacy way-finding practices: Dr Konstantina Martzoukou and Professor Simon Burnett (Robert Gordon University)

  1. Network member news: Hayley Lockerbie: Turning school library provision digital and return to school in times of COVID19

‘Research market’

Visit the research market and browse the ‘stalls’ of the five Scottish universities where staff engage in library and information science research.

Event 3 programme

From 2pm on Thursday 19th November 2020 the network members met online in real time for: (1) a panel session Q&A with the conference keynote speaker and the four Research into Practice case study presenters; (2) four short network member news presentations with Q&A at the end; and (3) four concurrent breakout meetings for teams to plan work towards the four RIVAL project outputs.


Introduction to the afternoon

Professor Hazel Hall

Panel session with Event 3 keynote and Research into practice case study speakers

Chair: Martina McChrystal


14:55-15:30 Network member news: sharing our skills

  • Dr Diane Pennington: COVID19 and misinformation: how correct information can help everyone with lockdown measures (‘live’ presentation)
  • Rachel Salzano: Challenges of conducting empirical work about forced migrants and public libraries under pandemic restrictions (‘live’ presentation)
  • Andy Taylor: Learnt during lockdown: using an image repository to research the role of women in early 20th century fencing (‘live’ presentation)
Chair: Ines Byrne



Breakout meetings for RIVAL project output teams

Chaired by Morag Higgison – output A; Hazel Hall – output B; Diane Pennington – output C; Sally Kerr – output D

Thanks and close

Andy Taylor

Registration was free to Scotland-based members of the library and information science practitioner and research communities who joined the RIVAL network in 2019, with a commitment to participate at this and two other events. However, the videos and material from the universities are publicly available to all.